Monday, 5 December 2011

Next Group Meeting 7 December

Next Group meeting 
Wednesday 7 December 
7 pm
Nye Bevan Community Hall
Redesigning the Casimir Road entrance area 
including old paddling pool, kiosk/toilets and north edge path
The National Grid road
NG says it will remove the lay-by and new railings early next year. Do we want to push for removal of the old railings too? And what about the railings around the enclosed green, which has become an informal dog walking area?
Better elections

Mike & Wendy's motion (in comment below)

    The committee met on 30 November to finalise and timetable the agenda and the four items here are likely to use up all the meeting. If there are other things you'd like discussed please do still add them as comments, for discussion here and at future meetings.
    The full agenda document is here.

    (First posted 27 Nov)


    1. From: Wendy Reid
      Cc: Deniz Oguzkanli , Linda Kelly
      , Bruce Irving ,
      Michael Murnane , Anne Clifford
      , Colin Croggon ,
      Hamilton Hawksworth
      Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 17:44:12 +0000

      Dear Tim,
      At the outset, it is noted that Minutes of November 2 Committee Meeting have yet to be published. Needless to say, that in offering suggestions as to Agenda items, it is important that members are aware of on-going issues. Therefore, it would be appreciated these be posted asap.

      As regards the Agenda, it will be recalled that the Agenda of September 17 meeting was only available at the meeting. This is not acceptable.
      Based on suggestions submitted prior to November 29, members should be afforded the courtesy of having the Agenda in hand prior to the Dec 7 meeting.

      My suggested Agenda items are as follows:

      * Discussion of items not discussed at the last meeting: namely CASIMIR ROAD ENTRANCE (presumably this is to be Redesigning the North entrance) + ELECTORAL SYSTEM + NATIONAL GRID UPDATE (Lay-by/railings/plantings)
      * PLUS, following from Committee Meeting of 28/9 I would like to hear of/ discuss: RELATIONS WITH COUNCILLORS UPDATE + TRA RELATIONS UPDATE.

      When the Minutes of November 2 Committee Meeting are posted, there may be more items for discussion - specifically relating to PLAY NORTH/SOUTH MILLFIELDS.

      As secretary of MUGS, which purports to represent all users of Millfields, I am sure you will appreciate that the postings of Minutes and Agenda are very basic requests.I trust you will progress this.
      With regards,

    2. Given Milllfields Users Group is regarded by Hackney Council as the key stakeholder in relation to developments within Millfields, with over 300 members, we think it is essential timely minutes are produced and circulated by the Committee. We have raised the issue of the late publication of the minutes with the Chair of the Committee, Tim Evans, who has advised the timely publication of minutes is “a luxury rather than a priority”. We disagree and are shocked by such a complacent response. We therefore propose the following amendments to the MUG Constitution.

      “General Meetings will be scheduled four time per year, timed from the launch month of the AGM. All members will be invited. Minutes will be produced and be available to members within two weeks of the scheduled meeting. Agenda for the meetings will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

      The Executive Committee will meet at least once every month. Minutes will be produced and be available to all members within two weeks of the scheduled meeting. Members can attend as observers with at least one week’s prior notice to the Chair or Secretary.”

      Michael Murnane & Wendy Reid